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Cool New Bikes

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By Riders Plus
Jan 26, 2010 - 3:18:28 PM



All motorcycle enthusiasts love to check out new bikes. The new bike models introduced in the Ontario market never fail to pique the riding public's interest, and Riders Plus is pleased to bring reviews of the latest models to this website. These professional reviews will come from motorcycle publications and expert motorcycle journalists. We're looking forward to your feedback as well. Enjoy!

The latest, most innovative, eye-catching motorcycles invariably end up on the covers of the big motorcycle magazines, and for good reason. Part fashion statement, part technological marvel, the newest models generate buzz throughout the motorcycle community. Motorcycle manufacturers invest fortunes in research and development, and judging from the response they get, it certainly pays off.

Manufacturers know that style is an extremely important part of the motorcyclist's experience, and they deliver style in as many designs and features as they can that appeal to their target demographic. Harley Davidson, for example, pays tribute to the rich history of designs that they have accumulated while integrating some contemporary touches and new innovations. The result is fascinating: nostalgic lines, leading edge colours, and the incorporation of the most advanced technological features such as ABS brakes that are available.

All motorcycle manufacturers continue to advance the designs of cruisers, for example, by putting their own signature curves and features on them. The practiced eye sees similarities that run through most cruiser lines as well. There seems to be no limit to the ingenuity of the engineers and designers employed by all motorcycle manufacturers, from the huge corporate entities to the small upstart companies that are carving their own niches in the market.

New model reviews focus on performance features as well. Manufacturers are very adept at making continual improvements to the performance of their bikes. Some of the engineering developments that they make are nothing short of ingenious. Some of the historically significant developments in the evolution of the motorcycle are fascinating and often reflective of societal technological developments as well. Fuel injection, ABS brakes, and the development of stronger, lighter materials have all had significant impacts on the contemporary motorcycle.

The new Riders Plus website is going to incorporate a section of articles about new bike models. These articles will be from a variety of sources including some of the most popular, most authoritative motorcycle publications in Canada. We hope you enjoy this virtual buffet of cool information and pictures!



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