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Friday, October 9, 2015, 10:30 am

I Can Only Ride One Motorcycle At A Time

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A lot of motorcycle riders in Ontario own more than one motorcycle. The biggest bee in their bonnets is the fact that they have to pay the full insurance premium on each bike - less a multibike discount of perhaps ten percent - if they want to ride all of the bikes interchangeably. They don't want to call in to their insurance broker to switch bikes every couple of days, for example. So why do they have to pay what amounts to almost double or triple the premium when, as they all so eloquently put it, they can only ride one bike at a time?

A Biker's Thanksgiving

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Thanksgiving is a bittersweet holiday for motorcycle riders in the chilly environs of Ontario. Oh sure, it's usually as close to perfect riding weather as you can get. Except when it's not. Except when an unexpected snow storm hits. Or cold, possibly even freezing, rain falls on the Oktoberfest Parade. Most depressing, though, is the simple fact that the advent of Thanksgiving means, at best, a meagre few weeks of riding are left before we have to strap the bike onto a trailer and head on down to Florida. If we're snowbirds. The rest of us just have to hunker down and wait for spring...

Blogs for Bikers

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Garage sales offer you a wide variety of interesting items at a cost of, essentially, just the time it takes you to sift through everything.  Online motorcycle blogs are a lot like that; if you browse patiently, you'll find lots of interesting sites that come at motorcycling from every possible angle.

With the advent of the internet and the increasingly easy-to-use, widely available tools provided by such web logging ( or "blogging") sites as Blogspot or Wordpress, a blogging craze erupted for a few years. Everyone and his dog had a blog (yes, there were a lot of dog-written blogs, too many in some people's views). Sorting through to find the interesting/entertaining/informative ones can be a bit of challenge, but that's what Google Search is for, right?


Winter Motorcycle Rider Blues

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Yes, Ontario motorcycle riders, we know that most of you are not riding at this time of year. We know that no amount of daydreaming can make up for the decker being covered and winterized. What can a dyed-in-wool rider who is going snaky looking at his or her motorcycle sitting immobile in the garage possibly be positive about? What good can be conjured up in this frigid expanse of snow, ice, and freezing temperatures? Well, we've got some valid points to make that will go a little ways toward soothing your frayed non-riding nerves, and we're sure you'll agree in the end that it ain't all that bad.

What to Do Immediately Following a Motorcycle Accident

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Motorcycle accidents happen to surprisingly few riders as a percentage of the total number of riders out there, but the odds of an accident happening to you are still significantly better than the odds of winning a lottery. It is definitely in your best interests to know what to do immediately following a motorcycle accident before it happens. It is very difficult to think clearly in the immediate aftermath of an accident. Emotions run high and stress levels peak, but certain details need to be addressed immediately in these situations to lessen the chances of further damage or injury and to address any damage or injury that have occurred in order to lessen the chances of even greater loss.

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