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December 14, 2012
Intact Insurance Buys Jevco: What It Means to You
Posted in: News
by Riders Plus

Jevco Insurance is a name well known to most Ontario motorcyclists who have been around for a while. From its beginnings in 1980, Jevco became one of the largest insurers of recreational vehicles in Canada. Purchased by Kingsway General Insurance in the 1990’s, they were later sold to a company called Westaim in 2010. The […]

ottawa motorcycle riding
December 13, 2012
Ottawa, Ontario and Motorcycles
Posted in: Destinations
by Riders Plus

Let’s start with the Rideau Canal. In winter, anyone in Ottawa can skate for miles on the Rideau Canal, a truly remarkable and unique activity that is in itself worth a trip to this city. Excellent skiing opportunities exist within a short drive of the city, and there are some fantastic museums that are well […]

motorcycle dealership demo ride
June 26, 2012
Demo Rides At Ontario Motorcycle Dealerships
Posted in: Bike Reviews
by Riders Plus
motorcycle camping
May 30, 2012
Motorcycles and Camping – The Perfect Match
Posted in: Destinations
by Riders Plus

A big part of camping’s appeal for many people is the planning that goes into a camping trip. Other people enjoy the endless variety of ingenious tools, gadgets, and other toys designed for campers. Still other folks simply throw together whatever they think they’ll need and settle in wherever they can legally pitch a tent. The beautiful part of it is […]

May 22, 2012
Advanced Rider Training – All Pro, No Con
Posted in: Rider Training and Safety
by Riders Plus

In this article we give the microphone (ok, in this case the pen) to some of Ontario’s leading Rider Training professionals. Some common themes run through their submissions. First, the best way to learn specific maneouvres is under the direct supervision of a professional trainer. Second, learning and practicing are activities that are ongoing; even Wayne […]

port dover riders plus
April 18, 2012
Port Dover Friday the 13th April 2012
Posted in: Destinations
by Riders Plus

When Jeff, the Riders Plus Marketing Rep, arrived in Port Dover around 9 am on Friday, the Thirteenth of April, 2012, the town was already beginning to fill up with motorcyclists and a few non-riding tourists. It didn’t take long before the floodgates opened and the town simply filled right to the rafters. By afternoon […]

spring motorcycle show 2013
March 19, 2012
International Spring Motorcycle Show 2012
Posted in: Destinations
by Riders Plus

One thing we can always predict is that the International Spring Motorcycle Show will be an event that is always worth the visit for Ontario motorcycle enthusiasts. We cannot, with any degree of accuracy, predict the weather for the weekend of the event, though. And since this show usually took place in April, it was […]

Kitchener Motorcycle Show 2012
March 13, 2012
Kitchener Motorcycle Show 2012
Posted in: Riders+ Parking Lot
by Riders Plus

Friday night, March 9, 2012, saw trucks and trailers lined up at Bingemans Conference Centre in Kitchener, Ontario. Motorcycles, leathers, the building blocks of trade show booths, brochures and cards, all sorts of things were being unloaded and carted into the halls to be set up. The excitement is always at a high level at […]

motorcycle travel ontario beaches
March 02, 2012
Motorcycle Travel to Ontario Beaches 2012
Posted in: Destinations
by Riders Plus

One of the best places to end up after a warm summer morning ride is a beach.After a long winter, nothing could be more attractive, even for those people who actually flew to a beach during the winter months. Ontario has a lot of excellent beach resorts that have everything you could wish for in […]

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