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harley davidson scooter initiative
April 01, 2011
Harley Davidson Takes New Direction
Posted in: Bike Reviews
by Riders Plus

The Harley Davidson marque is one of the most recognized, most accepted brands in the world. However, the appeal of this brand needs to be expanded to younger demographics, people who don’t have nostalgic leanings to the ’50’s or ’60’s and simply want cool motorcycles that are affordable and economical. According to reliable reports, the […]

scala rider intercom system
February 24, 2011
Scala Rider Q2 Multiset PRO Intercom System
Posted in: Product Reviews
by Riders Plus

The Q2 headset is helmet mounted, compact, and can be synched with your cell phone of course, but because it is enabled to use voice commands you can make cell phone calls that much more safely and easily. But that’s not all. It can be used to listen to FM radio or listen to MP3 […]

2011 Honda cbr250
January 19, 2011
2011 Honda CBR250
Posted in: Bike Reviews
by Riders Plus

The world needs lots of smaller motorcycles for a lot of reasons. Truly impressive gas mileage is one very good reason. Affordability is another. Maneuverability for smaller, less experienced riders is infinitely greater, and experienced riders know that it’s a real thrill to take a smaller, lighter bike through its paces once in a while. […]

November 15, 2010
Lucky Break
Posted in: Rider Training and Safety
by Clinton Smout

I knew it was going to hurt long before I landed on the ground. Falling off motorcycles seemed so much easier when I was younger. You would think that the more experienced we riders become, the chance of falling off would decrease. I started riding just after gasoline replaced steam so I should be incredibly […]

October 26, 2010
The Garmin Zumo 660 is a GPS Plus
Posted in: Product Reviews
by Riders Plus

The designers of this GPS unit ride motorcycles as well, and the amount of detailed thought they put into its design proves that point. For example, the intuitive interface is glove-friendly, with large buttons and left-sided controls. The bright 4.3 inch touchscreen is designed to be read easily in either bright sunlight or less bright moonlight. Like […]

August 24, 2010
Aftermath – Friday the 13th in Port Dover
Posted in: Destinations
by Riders Plus

Friday the 13th – Aftermath An estimated 20,000 motorcycles and over 150,000 people converged on Port Dover, Ontario on Friday, August 13, 2010. This was the 50thtime that motorcyclists have met in Port Dover since the first event 30 years ago, the original event attracting all of 25 motorcyclists. The August 2010 event was the […]

August 16, 2010
Harley Davidson Road Glide Ultra FLTRU
Posted in: Bike Reviews
by Riders Plus

Harley Davidson’s new 2011 Road Glide Ultra FLTRU will undoubtedly get a lot of attention this year at the Toronto Motorcycle Show and at the International Motorcycle Supershow. This new model just goes to show that the variations Harley Davidson is capable of coming out with are almost endless. Now you can get the distinct […]

August 11, 2010
International Women Riders Congress & Festival
Posted in: Women Riders
by Riders Plus

The wellknown Deerhurst Resort in Huntsville, Ontario will be the place to be August 11 through August 15, 2010. Women riders from all over the world will be there for all kinds of activities including educational workshops, safety programs, keynote presentations, demo riders, and a whole lot more. The Women Riders Congress and Festival of […]

August 05, 2010
Minor Injury – Auto Insurance Reform Part 2
Posted in: News
by Riders Plus

One of the most noticeable changes that comes with the Ontario Auto Insurance Reform Act on September 1, 2010 will be the introduction of a new Accident Benefit category called Minor Injury. Ontario drivers, riders, and passengers need to be very aware of this category and the new limitations it contains. Such a category naturally […]

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