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April 25, 2016
Four Reasons to Take The M2 Exit Course
Posted in: Rider Training and Safety
by Michel Mersereau

1) Real time training in real world traffic Bad habits can creep into the riding routines of the most avid riders. Regardless of the amount of saddle time you’ve logged during your time as an M2 licensee, one to one feedback from a trained professional will help to ensure you’re on the right path towards […]

April 09, 2016
Keeping Your Skills Sharp Over 45
Posted in: Rider Training and Safety
by Barb Piatkowski

“I’ve been riding for 30 years, I don’t need to take a course!” Really? Do you still play sports as well as you did 20+ years ago? Sure, age and experience are important. And those lower insurance premiums are just one of the benefits of getting older and wiser. But there’s a downside to riding […]

April 07, 2016
Motorcycle Passenger Etiquette
Posted in: Rider Training and Safety
by Riders Plus

Motorcycle riding is an experience that can be very customized to the desires or requirements of the individual. One of those variables involves the need or desire to carry passengers on rides. Some people ride with passengers on vacation trips, on commutes, or any variation thereof. Others absolutely abstain from carrying passengers for any number […]

May 21, 2015
Don’t Let It Be Your Fault
Posted in: Rider Training and Safety
by Riders Plus

One of the most common mistakes that you will see being made by some of the motorcycle riders on the roads is the mistake of misjudging how much stoppage distance they need. ABS brakes certainly help, but only the most experienced riders can lock up the brakes at a high speed and come to a […]

February 04, 2015
Rider Training – Sign Up Early!
Posted in: Rider Training and Safety
by Riders Plus

If you are going to be starting out as a motorcycle rider in the Spring of 2015, the fastest, easiest, and most effective way to gather the information you’ll need is to visit one or several of the Motorcycle Rider Training Course Providers at the Ottawa Motorcycle Showon February 13, 14, and 15, 2015. Algonquin […]

February 22, 2013
Road Sharing Tips from the Rider Training Institute
Posted in: Rider Training and Safety
by The Rider Training Insitute (RTI)

With a new riding season almost here, most of us are busy finalizing those over-the-winter bike projects we started as the snow started to fall. Adding some chrome here and there, maybe a new slip on or wiring in that swank GPS system you got for Christmas? With all that attention focused on prepping our […]

May 22, 2012
Advanced Rider Training – All Pro, No Con
Posted in: Rider Training and Safety
by Riders Plus

In this article we give the microphone (ok, in this case the pen) to some of Ontario’s leading Rider Training professionals. Some common themes run through their submissions. First, the best way to learn specific maneouvres is under the direct supervision of a professional trainer. Second, learning and practicing are activities that are ongoing; even Wayne […]

June 13, 2011
Some Common Motorcycle Accident Situations
Posted in: Rider Training and Safety
by Riders Plus

Perhaps the most commonly discussed motorcycle accident scenario is the one in which a motorcycle goes straight through an intersection on a green light and a car or truck coming from the opposite direction turns left in front of – or into – the motorcycle, usually because the car or truck driver didn’t look closely enough […]

April 05, 2011
Taking a Street Rider Training Course
Posted in: Rider Training and Safety
by Clinton Smout

It’s the time of year when the street rider training programmes are starting up again. Thousands of new riders will sign up soon for their novice rider training programme. After teaching the course for 23 years, I would like to offer a few tips that may help new riders get the most out of the […]

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